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Why is a Shop Local Directory important?

Many local business owners have great products and services but it is difficult to break through the noise of the big brands in an area.  Over 76% percent of consumers do research online before making a buying decision.  

People prefer to shop local when they have the chance.  In fact 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to patronize local businesses over national chains.  

Customers prefer to shop businesses who are easy to find online, have reviews, and communicate more online.  A local business directory like Shop Local Surprise, allows even the smallest business to have an online presence, a way for customers to contact them and receive reviews!

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Every dollar donated to Shop Local Surprise helps every local business in the community.  One drop here ripples out to each business in the way of more exposure, events, and support.

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Why Support This Directory?

The Shop Local Surprise website and business directory were started in April 2020. It was put together to help support the local community during the pandemic. There were a lot of people who wanted to shop locally owned businesses.  But there wasn't a site that had this information readily at hand. We worked hard to find as many local businesses as we could and get them listed. We went around and took pictures so they would have images, and we updated the directory with their information. This was all done at no cost to the businesses or the community.

Since launching, we realized that this support is vital in keeping our local business community healthy. We need help to keep it going. Every dollar donated goes directly to supporting local businesses in Surprise, AZ. How can you be sure? We will post updates each month of dollars donated and where that money was spent. We need help paying for the directory, the website, and keeping these things affordable to the local businesses. 

You can donate by clicking the button below, even $1.00 will help.

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Track Your Dollars

 Date IncomeExpense
 4/1/2020Website and Directory$225
5/1/2020Website and Directory$225
 6/1/2020Website and Directory$225
7/1/2020Website and Directory$225
8/1/2020Website and Directory$225
9/1/2020Website and Directory$225
10/1/2020Website and Directory$225
11/1/2020Website and Directory$225
12/1/2020Website and Directory$225
1/1/2021Website and Directory$225
2/1/2021Website and Directory$225

Every time we receive a donation we will update the table above so you can see how your money is being spent.  Once we receive enough to cover the basic Website and Directory costs we will begin working on:

  • Hosting events to spotlight our local businesses and create fun opportunities for our community.
  • Setting up a local business emergency fund
  • Developing a tourism guide featuring local business options
  • Publishing a quarterly digital magazines with stories and articles about our community
  • Creating jobs in our community

You will have the peace of mind knowing that your money is being directly invested into our community to make it better for all of us.  

(Once you donate we will contact you to find out if you would like your donation to be public or if you prefer to remain anonymous.  Anonymous donors will be given a donation ID to view their donation on the table)

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